Guide to Naval Ships

Tall Ships

Ships have been used for national defense and warfare long into history. The Guide to Naval Ships summarizes their importance and role. Three of the 12-panel fold-outs in the guide are dedicated to the history of naval ships and examples of types of ships before the modern era from around the world.

Most of the panels however focus on naval ships that you might see at a modern base. From cruisers and patrol craft to submarines and aircraft carriers, each panel explains the particular functions of each of major types of naval ships. Photographic examples of naval vessels help the reader identify the vessels that comprise a navy.

This guide is available individually or as one of three in a set. We invite you purchase this guide above, or support your local maritime museums and purchase this guide and our other guides in their retail shop. We encourage maritime museums to offer our guides for the purpose of educating your patrons on vessels of all types. Contact for wholesale pricing on all of our guides.