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Offer full access seamlessly to all of your patrons. Setting up a test run is easy, just request a free trial now and in no time you, your staff and your patrons will be granted access to all of the 3.4 million citations in the premium database. There is no commitment to setting up a trial and it's a quick and painless process. All we need is your contact info and your institution's IP addresses. was created by Peter McCracken and Mike McCracken, two of the original founders of Serials Solutions, so we know the library industry, and we know what librarians expect from electronic resources. Our goal in the institutional implementation of is to create a useful, simple, and efficient tool for doing vessel research. As we developed the site, we talked with public and academic reference librarians, electronic resources librarians, technical services librarians, special librarians, and more, to develop a product that not only serves patrons effectively, but is easy for librarians to set up and implement.

To that end, we offer the following for easy implementation:

  • IP-based access with unlimited simultaneous users
  • For academic institutions, we offer access to all users, including those authenticated through the institution’s proxy server
  • For public libraries, we offer a range of options, which allow institutions to select the best balance for them, their patrons, and their budgets:
    • Access just at a central library
    • Access at the central library and at all branch libraries
    • Access for all individuals who are authenticated through the library’s proxy server
  • SERU-based approach to licensing


ShipIndex has received a number of very positive reviews. These include the following:

The Charleston Advisor, October 2011:

The Charleston Advisor, a well-known and well-respected source for “Critical Reviews of Web Products for Information Professionals”, reviewed in its October issue, and a copy was distributed to all attendees at the Charleston Conference. ShipIndex got 4-1/2 stars, out of a possible 5, and a very positive review. The summary of the review includes this bit regarding content: "This unique, comprehensive and authoritative database provides a wealth of information about ships. Links to external content pull all of the information about each vessel together in one place. It is a perfect database for vessel research." Regarding pricing, the reviewer wrote, "The database is so reasonably priced it is ridiculous. You get a lot of information for very little money."

In addition, Charleston Advisor editors gave ShipIndex the 2011 award for "Best Content". The citation reads, "Everything you ever wanted to know about ships has been aggregated in this one Web site aimed at both researchers and hobbyists. The system is packed with information, has a strong user interface and a visually appealing look. This unique service was created by Peter McCracken, one of the cofounders of Serials Solutions."

Choice, June 2011:

ShipIndex received a “Recommended” review from Choice this summer (June 2011), which described the site as "a needed research tool for maritime history, [and] useful for academic and special libraries with interested clientele."


Pricing is based on the expected usage for the subscribing institutions, and is very reasonable. Our price should fit in to most budgets but if it doesn't quite, we can put banner text on the site crediting the service's sponsor – so if you have a ship enthusiast donor, they can help everybody and be appropriately acknowledged.

We offer a range of discounts to subscribing libraries, including consortial and multi-year discounts. Contact us at sales (at) to receive a quote for your institution, and to set up a free trial that can be used throughout your institution, or simply fill out the form to request a trial.

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Remember Me tells you which books, magazines, and online resources mention the vessels you're researching. With 153,649 entries in the free database and 3,159,372 entries available with premium access, you're bound to find useful information here.
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A note about searching:
Searches will match both ship names and the citation text by default. There are many options for crafting your query outlined on the searching help page.
A note about icons:
Frame means the resource includes an illustration of the ship
Featherpen means the resource includes a main entry about the ship
Scroll means the resource includes a passenger or crew list for the ship

Star icon means the resource is in the premium database
New means the resource was added in the past 45 days
Dollar means the resource requires an additional subscription to access
Book means the resource is a book
Journal means the resource is a journal (magazine) or journal article
Newspaper means the resource is a newspaper
Web means the resource is a native online resource (digitized books or journals are still noted as 'book' or 'journal', even when they're accessed or accessible online)
To see all the books, magazines, and online resources included in this index, check the Resources page.