Assisted Immigrants (digital) Shipping Lists
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State Archives & Records, New South Wales Government. Assisted Immigrants (digital) Shipping Lists. New South Wales Government, .

Numbers in brackets and/or paragraph marks differentiate between multiple voyages of the same ship.

According to the overview page for this resource, "This was part of a project to digitise the following passenger lists: the microfilm copies of the List of Irish passengers arrived on the ship Sir Joseph Banks, Oct 1828 (NRS 5309); Persons on early migrant ships, 1828-32 (NRS 5310); Persons on early migrant ships, May 1832- Jan 1833 (NRS 5311); Women on the Red Rover and other early migrant ships, 1832 (NRS 5312); Persons on government ships, Aug 1837-40 (NRS 5313); Persons on bounty ships (Agent's Immigrant Lists), 1838-96 (NRS 5316); Persons on bounty ships arriving at Port Phillip, 1839-51 (NRS 5318); Germans on bounty ships, 1849-52 (NRS 5320); Members of the Family Colonization Loan Society, 1854-57 (NRS 5322) and Passenger lists of the Family Colonization Loan Society, 1854-55 (NRS 5323)."

This file replaces a previous file called "Bounty Immigrants List", most of which appear to be incorporated here, though the source description isn't completely the same. Those links quit working, however.