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Mozolak, John. New York Ships to Foreign Ports, 1939-1945: A Report of Over 5,000 Ships Sailing from New York. New Jersey: Kenneth Janda.

This resource is a set of MS Word pages, each of which has information about sailings of more than 5,000 ships from New York harbor. When you click on the link, you'll download the MS Word document for that letter. Search for your ship name, and the resource will provide information on when the ship sailed from New York, plus other information about the vessels history and disposition. Data is drawn from National Archives "Foreign Clearance Blotters" and "Foreign Entrance Blotters" at the National Archives, for 1939, and 1941 to 1945. (The blotter for 1940 was lost during a move by the National Archives, apparently.) For more information on this aspect of the project, see the author's information page at