Accessible Archives. The Civil War: Parts I & IV, Newspapers Collection. Malvern, PA: Accessible Archives,

Accessible Archives' Civil War Collection is a service that both individuals and institutions can subscribe to. Check to see if a library near you subscribes to the database. If they do, you should be able to click directly through to the page that mentions your ship.

The Civil War Collection from Accessible Archives contains a wealth of full-text articles from 19th century newspapers. In collaboration with Accessible Archives, Ship Index has identified many (but by no means all) named vessels in the newspapers' pages. We then created links to those pages.

We used search algorithms to identify vessel names, but we are certain that we missed many others. Please feel free to contact us if you locate articles that mention ships not included in the Ship Index database.

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Remember Me tells you which books, magazines, and online resources mention the vessels you're researching. With 153,649 entries in the free database and 3,159,372 entries available with premium access, you're bound to find useful information here.
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A note about searching:
Searches will match both ship names and the citation text by default. There are many options for crafting your query outlined on the searching help page.
A note about icons:
Frame means the resource includes an illustration of the ship
Featherpen means the resource includes a main entry about the ship
Scroll means the resource includes a passenger or crew list for the ship

Star icon means the resource is in the premium database
New means the resource was added in the past 45 days
Dollar means the resource requires an additional subscription to access
Book means the resource is a book
Journal means the resource is a journal (magazine) or journal article
Newspaper means the resource is a newspaper
Web means the resource is a native online resource (digitized books or journals are still noted as 'book' or 'journal', even when they're accessed or accessible online)
To see all the books, magazines, and online resources included in this index, check the Resources page.