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Wisconsin Marine Historical Society. Great Lakes Vessel Enrollment Online Database. Madison, Wisc.: Brendon Baillod, .

For this database, it may appear that there are many duplicate entries: there are certainly many entries in which the citation appears to duplicate another one from the same database. But this is not actually the case. Each entry is for a separate enrollment document, on a different date. Each document can be ordered directly from the Wisconsin Marine Historical Society.

For the schooner Ella Doak, for instance, there are four separate citations. If you follow each link, you'll see that one is for an enrollment certificate from Sept. 13, 1870; a second is for August 28, 1872; the third is for May 5, 1873; and the fourth is for August 15, 1874. In this case, all four are from Milwaukee, but other ships will have different forms from different cities. Each enrollment certificate will have different information on it, and so each one is included in the database separately.