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Biebel, Frank A. The Shipwrecked Passenger Book: Sailing Westward from Europe for the Americas, 1817-1875. New York: F. A. Biebel, .

This is an online source that one can also buy as a CD-ROM. Ships are listed in date order of loss, though that's sometimes hard to spot in the online version of the resource.

Only the 339 ships that were lost are listed here; ships that rescued survivors, or other vessels, are not included in the index.

This is an interesting resource; it's available for free online, but also as a CD-ROM, from the author. There is some good analysis of what happened to immigrants who survived shipwrecks, and how, why, or where their names were (or more likely were not) recorded.

Not all ships have passenger list information, but the ones that don't have information about what was searched and where passenger lists were not found.