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Aramingo (1851; New York; Matador)
Book Merchant Sail
Author William Armstrong Fairburn
Published Fairburn Marine Educational Foundation, Inc., Center Lovell, Maine,
Pages II: 1508; III: 1659; IV: 2264; V: 2754, 2816; VI: 3629, 3808, 3811-3812, 3910, 3911
Book Greyhounds of the Sea: The Story of the American Clipper Ship
Author Carl C. Cutler
Published United States Naval Institute, Annapolis, Md.,
ISBN 087021232X, 9780870212321
Pages 236, 414, 482, 489
Book American Clipper Ships, 1833-1858
Author Octavius T. Howe, M.D., and Frederick C. Matthews
Published Marine Research Society, Salem, Mass.,
ISBN 0486251152
Pages 16, 17
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