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Book Ships of the World: An Historical Encyclopedia Illustration
Author Lincoln P. Paine
Published Houghton Mifflin, Boston,
ISBN 0585109486, 9780585109480, 0395715563, 9780395715567
Page 78-79
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Brilliant (1800), lines
Book Merchant Sailing Ships, 1775-1815: Sovereignty of Sail Illustration
Author David R. MacGregor
Published Conway Maritime, London,
ISBN 0870214187, 9780870214189
Page 135
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Brilliant (American, 9131 tons; sunk by U-boats) Subscribe to view
Brilliant (British; Coaster, Steel, Screw Steamer, built 1902; ON: 114003) Subscribe to view
Brilliant (Cargo, Steel, Sailing Vessel 4-masted Barque, built 1901; ON: 112846) Subscribe to view
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