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ShipIndex is thrilled to introduce our brand-new Guides to Ships. Read more at the blog post announcing the guides.

You can buy the guides through this page, below, but why not support your local maritime museum while you do it? You can now buy selected Guides to Ships at the following maritime museums and businesses:

Wondering what a roro is? Trying to determine the difference between a brig and a brigantine? Seeking an overview of naval ship types?

Check out the folded, laminated Guides to Ships. We have three Guides at present: the Guide to Tall Ships, the Guide to Merchant Ships, and the Guide to Naval Ships. They're great for shipspotters, history buffs, and the just plain curious! Buy them here, or find more information about what's on the guides themselves.

Learn more about the information you find on each guide here:

To buy the guides you want, click on the following links to add them to your shopping cart. Click on the Cart button to see them all, and then pay via PayPal -- either with PayPal or with a credit card.

Free standard shipping in the US! We ship all guides by First Class or Priority Mail, and ship within 1-2 business days, at most.

International shipping reflects a close approximation of the actual cost; if you want a large number of guides, please contact us directly at

No sales tax, except in New York State.

Purchase the Tall Ships Guide, at $7.95 each:
Purchase the Merchant Ships Guide, at $7.95 each:
Purchase the Naval Ships Guide, at $7.95 each:
Purchase the entire set (one of each guide), for $19.95!
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