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To begin your research of a vessel, type its name into the search box above, and we will show you a variety of resources, including books, journals, websites, and more, that mention the ship you're looking for!

If you're a historian, a modelmaker, a genealogist, a fact-checker, or anyone else who needs information about vessels, we'll get you where you need to go, and fast.

We have over 153,000 entries that are freely accessible, without subscribing or logging in anywhere. For $8 per month, you'll soon have access to over three million additional citations, from hundreds of different resources -- books, magazines, CD-ROMs, websites, online databases, and more. Not only would it take hundreds of hours to search every resource here by hand, it's simply not possible: no single library has all of the resources included in this database. The time you'll save, searching hundreds of resources in just a few moments, is well worth the cost of two coffees and muffins.

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Professional and occasional genealogists will find fantastic uses for the site when trying to learn more about a specific vessel on which an individual traveled, served, or worked. And since there's no central index, resource, or database that focuses on maritime history, academics will find this site invaluable in locating information about obscure vessels.

The database has more content than you can shake a large stick at. Books, magazines, websites, CD-ROMs, and lots more. See the complete list here.

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Remember Me tells you which books, magazines, and online resources mention the vessels you're researching. With 153,649 entries in the free database and 3,159,372 entries available with premium access, you're bound to find useful information here.
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A note about searching:
Searches will match both ship names and the citation text by default. There are many options for crafting your query outlined on the searching help page.
A note about icons:
Frame means the resource includes an illustration of the ship
Featherpen means the resource includes a main entry about the ship
Scroll means the resource includes a passenger or crew list for the ship

Star icon means the resource is in the premium database
New means the resource was added in the past 45 days
Dollar means the resource requires an additional subscription to access
Book means the resource is a book
Journal means the resource is a journal (magazine) or journal article
Newspaper means the resource is a newspaper
Web means the resource is a native online resource (digitized books or journals are still noted as 'book' or 'journal', even when they're accessed or accessible online)
To see all the books, magazines, and online resources included in this index, check the Resources page.