New Bedford Free Public Library. New Bedford Whaling Collection Archives. New Bedford, Mass.: City of New Bedford MIS Department,

Each ship name is followed by the year of the voyage in question in the Whaling Collection database. Many vessels appear in the database multiple times, because they made multiple trips out of the New Bedford Customs District.

"The Whaling Collection Archives is a comprehensive index of men and ships on whaling voyages from the New Bedford Customs District from 1807 through 1925....

"The database indexes crew lists and Whalemen Shipping Papers, written contracts with the crew, for the period from 1810 through 1860. The information here is a direct verbatim transcription of the information as it appears on the original documents. No modification to spelling has been made. The original documents of these voyages come from the New Bedford Free Public Library's collection, and the collections of cooperating institutions; National Archives in Waltham, and the New Bedford Whaling Museum / Kendall Institute."

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