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Cutler, Carl C. Queens of the Western Ocean: The Story of America's Mail and Passenger Sailing Lines. Annapolis, Md.: United States Naval Institute, .

"WHEN the spelling of a ship's name varies in the records, an alternate spelling is given in parentheses: Abaellino (Abaelino). "When there are more than two ships of the same name, the rigs of the vessels are given using the following abbreviations: Sl. = Sloop; Sch. = Schooner; Bg. = Brig; Stm. Bg. = Steam Brig; Bk. = Bark; Sp. = Ship; Stbt. = Steamboat; SS = Steam Ship (paddle); St. Prop. = Steam Propeller. As a further aid in distinguishing vessels of the same name, their tonnages are given in parentheses. "The letters (Cl.) after a vessel's name indicate that she was clipper-built. The expression (tern) after a schooner's name indicates that she was a three-masted vessel."