Nautical Research Journal (1948-1995; Vols. 1-40). Bethesda, Md.: Nautical Research Guild,

"References are to page numbers within volumes, not within individual issues. Thus, '34:12, 187' indicates a subject will be found on pages 12 and 187 of Volume 34. Although the first six volumes of the Nautical Research Journal received roman numerals, they have been converted to arabic for consistency. References to the three volumes of The Secretary's Monthly Letter, when it was a separate publication from 1948 through 1950, are made with volume designators L1, L2, and L3." - From "Using the Index"

"In planning, we decided to record every appearance of a vessel's name in the two publications. This poses no problem when a vessel is the subject of major commentary. However, when a vessel is linked in a minor way to an event or date, the term 'historical reference' is used; when a vessel is named only incidentally, the word 'mentioned' is entered. "Where a vessel's name was spelled in more than one way, or incorrectly, or where references could not be positively combined for a single vessel, each spelling or reference has been preserved and given a separate main heading. We strongly advise users to track all likely headings for vessel names or other topics." - From "Using the Index"

This 200+ page index to the Nautical Research Journal is an invaluable resource, and the Nautical Research Guild should be commended for creating such a complete index. The index covers Volumes 1 to 40 of Nautical Research Journal and its predecessor, The Secretary's Monthly Letter. The resource is geared toward model shipbuilders, and therefore is an incredibly valuable resource for any historian or researcher.

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