Atlantic Canada Shipping Project. Ships and Seafarers of Atlantic Canada (CD-ROM). St John's, Nfld.: Maritime History Archive, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1998.

On the CD-ROM, one will find technical details regarding the size of the vessel, vessel owners, dates and locations for construction, registration, and eventual sale, and more.

The database contains 44,567 ship records in it. Many ship names appear multiple times; after removing those without vessel names, and deduplicating the rest, the file contains a total of 33,522 ship records. Each vessel name is presented in the format of "Ship_Name (Rig_Type; Year_Constructed, Place_Constructed)".

The CD-ROM also contains extensive information on over 182,000 crewmembers, and 20,000 masters of Atlantic Canadian vessels, drawn from a sample of the crew agreements of vessels registered in the ports of Saint John, New Brunswick; Yarmouth, Windsor, and Halifax, Nova Scotia; for the period 1863-1914.

Another database contains a 1% random sample of crew agreements from non-Canadian (British) vessels; that file contains 85,000 records of individual seamen, and 19,000 records of masters.

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