Book Information

Ward, R. Gerard, Ernest Stanley Dodge. American Activities in the Central Pacific, 1790-1870 : A History, Geography and Ethnography Pertaining to American Involvement and Americans in the Pacific Taken From Contemporary Newspapers, etc. Ridgewood, NJ: Gregg Press, .

This eight volume set compiles mentions of ships, people, and events related to the Pacific Ocean from newspapers published between 1790 and 1870. The index does not use page numbers. Entries are organized numerically, by location; examples include "Marianas 1", "Marianas 2", "Henderson 1", "Henderson 2", etc. The locations are spread alphabetically across the eight separate volumes. The locations are in the volumes as listed below, so "Henderson 2" is in Volume 3, and "Marianas 1" is in Volume 4.

Volume 1: Abaiang to Baker
Volume 2: Bampton Reefs to Futuna
Volume 3: Gaferut to Kwajalein
Volume 4: Ladd's Island to Motu Iti (Hergest) Rock
Volume 5: Namoluk to Pingelap
Volume 6: Pitcairn to Tabiteuea
Volume 7: Tahiti to Zephyr Shoal