Book Information

Sexton, R. T. Shipping Arrivals and Departures, South Australia, 1627-1850: a Guide for Genealogists and Maritime Historians. Ridgehaven, SA: Roebuck Society, .

The Roebuck Society books record arrivals and departures of ships through numerous Australian, New Zealand, and Tasmanian ports in the 18th and 19th centuries. Through these works, they index essentially all early shipping movements in the region. They contain extensive information about ship arrivals and departures by port, in a very complicated format that varies a bit from volume to volume. See this blog post for more description, and examples, of what one finds in the Roebuck volumes. This volume, like other Roebuck Series volumes, provides an index to the entries in the volume, which then provide citations to newspaper mentions of ships. In the index, each entry includes the ship name, its rig, its tonnage or dimensions, and whether those are under the old measurement system prior to 1 January 1836 (noted "om") or the new measurement system, after 1 January 1836 (noted "nm"). "[L]" means the source is Lloyd's Register; "[BV]" means the source is Registre Bureau Veritas. No indicator means the source is most likely a Custom House Register. The builder, location, and date, are also included, when known. In the main text, ships are organized by year, then by ship name, and then each entry will have some information about the ship. You'll need to get the full volume, look in the index to see in which years the ship is mentioned, then turn to those sections to learn more.