Book Information

Alden, John D. U.S. Submarine Attacks during World War II (Including Allied Submarine Attacks in the Pacific Theater). Annapolis, Maryland: Naval Institute Press, .

This volume is a compilation of data about vessels lost to Allied submarine attacks during World War II. It is organized chronologically, and is presented in a tabular form; there's little discussion or text, apart from clarification about how the data has been compiled. Names of attacking submarines, while included in the tables, are not included in the index; it only contains the names of the targets or victims of US submarine attacks. "The citation provides the date and time of the attack, which is used to locate the entry. The citation is in the format /, though the the last two parts may often be missing. If a ship name appears only in the comments, then a "C" will appear in the citation. "The Explanation says that "I-Go," a designation meaning "the first," was often applied to captured ships. Some ship names include "I-Go."