Book Information

Merriman, Reginald Dundas. Queen Anne's Navy: Documents Concerning the Administration of the Navy of Queen Anne, 1702-1714 (Navy Records Society, Vol. 103). London: Navy Records Society, .

From the introduction to the Index: "The names of H.M. ships are followed by their rate and number of guns or description in brackets. Those whose gunning was altered are shown thus: Monmouth (III. 70-66). ... Ships in Appendix VI are indexed for that appendix only if mentioned elsewhere in the volume."

I converted the "III" system of indicating rates to "3rd", etc., as that's much more understandable. Also, I included all ships in Appendix VI to this index.

If a year appears, that is the year of launch. A city name indicates the yard that built the ship; a personal name differentiates between yards in the same city.

The index only includes vessels mentioned in Appendix VI, "The Royal Navy on 1st August 1714 at the Accession of George I", if those ships are mentioned elsewhere in the volume. I felt it was important to include all of these ships, so I included them. This means that in a few cases, when ships in the Appendix are mentioned in the text, the citations to the Appendix are listed twice.

For instance, there are two entries for "Basilisk (bomb)" -- one reads "Basilisk (bomb)" and cites pages 112 and 371. Another entry reads "Basilisk (Bomb, 1695, Wapping)" and cites just page 371.