Book Information

Lancour, Harold. Passenger Lists of Ships Coming to North America, 1607-1825: A Bibliography. New York: New York Public Library, .

The introduction to the Index of Ship Names reads as follows: "This is an analytical index to the sources listed in the preceding bibliography. An example will suffice to show how the entries have been made. Under Adventurer, for example, is found the following: 6 (63:342), or, in other words, volume 63, page 342 of item 6 in the bibliography which, in this case is Fothergill's "Emigrants from England," printed in volumes 62-65 of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register."

So, this source does not contain passenger lists, but it tells you which sources do. It's an additional step, but it very well might be worth it.

The introduction to the Index of Ship Names includes the following: "Names spelled in several different ways but similar phonetically, as Abigail, also spelled Abigal, Abbigal, Abigale, are entered under the modern accepted spelling. Authorities used were J. B. Lippincott's Gazetteer, 1893, for place names and Flora H. Loughead's Dictionary of given names, 1934, for personal names."

I didn't find this resource in Google Books, but Google did digitize it, and it's available through Hathi Trust, here.