FleetMon. Rostock, Germany: JAKOTA Cruise Systems GmbH, 2012-.

The data that makes up the FleetMon database comes primarily from AIS data generated by the ships themselves. As a result, there's a lot of dirty data in the database. The FleetMon staff have cleaned up much of it, but more remains. I removed numerous ships with names like "A1M 4H MPUJBBBBBBBB (United Kingdom, ship)", "NXC J0 HZ J5A AAE (Norway, ship (regional type))", and "G OD P UN H H (Norway, ship)". In addition, many others had stray characters after them, and I removed as many as I could -- trying to carefully differentiate between meaningful stray letters as in "Eleftheria D" and meaningless stray letters as in "Eldorado BBB".

Many Chinese ships appear to have similar names, but with different numbers after them; I simply don't know how many of those are accurate and how many are not. When photos existed, I tried to check them to see what the hull said. Oftentimes, however, no photos existed.

I have tried to be as careful as I can in ensuring that the data added in this file is as accurate as reasonably possible, but I am certain inaccurate content has crept in. I firmly believe, however, that the value of the accurate content far outweighs the inaccurate content that has come along for the ride.

Many many thanks to the folks at FleetMon for their continued assistance in providing me with this data, so I could add it to ShipIndex.org, and make all this data that much more findable.

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