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Book The Nitrate Clippers
Author Basil Lubbock
Published Brown, Son & Ferguson, Ltd., Glasgow,
Page 138-9
Asie (1897; French)
Book Merchant Sail
Author William Armstrong Fairburn
Published Fairburn Marine Educational Foundation, Inc., Center Lovell, Maine,
Page IV: 2727
Asie (1786)
Book The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: A Database on CD-ROM
Author David Eltis, Stephen D. Behrendt, David Richardson, and Herbert S. Klein, eds.
Published Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England,
ISBN 0521629101, 9780521629102
Page see CD-ROM
Asie (1914) Subscribe to view
Asie (4m barque; launched 1897) Subscribe to view
Asie (Barque of Nantes, Le Marchand D'aulny, Master, 312 tons, from the port of Swansea to Port Jackson, New South Wales, 26th August 1853) Subscribe to view
Asie (Capt: Boutté, Jean-Baptiste; 198 tons; Voyage: 4/12/1786 to …) Subscribe to view
Asie (corrected; listed as "Asic") (of Bordeaux, Raymond Guraid , Master, Burthen, 518. tons, from the port of Bordeaux to Sydney, New South Wales, 29 March, 1865) Subscribe to view
Asie (Iron Screw Steamer; Marseille; built 1865; 1164 gross tons) Subscribe to view
Asie (of Bordeaux, Augustin Bernard, 491 tons, from the port of Melbourne to Sydney, New South Wales, 24 February 1869) Subscribe to view
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Published OCLC, Dublin, Ohio
Asie (Spanish; 74 gun) Subscribe to view
Asie [timetables, images, etc.] Subscribe to view