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Q E D (1986, Recreational, Ft Lauderdale, FL) Subscribe to view
Q E D (Dartmouth, 1869, Sail; ON: 60108) Subscribe to view
Q E D (Newcastle, 1850, Sail, 255 tons; ON: 3765) Subscribe to view
Q. E.D., commuter yacht: mentioned Subscribe to view
Book Merchant Sailing Ships, 1815-1850: Supremacy of Sail
Author David R. MacGregor
Published Conway Maritime, London,
ISBN 0870219413, 9780870219412
Pages 151, 154
Book The Merchant Schooners: Volume Two
Author Basil Greenhill
Published National Maritime Museum, London,
ISBN 0870214276, 9780870214271
Page 171
Q.E.D. (Dartmouth, Crew lists 1869 - 1871; ON: 60108) Subscribe to view
Q.E.D. (NN55) Subscribe to view
Q.E.D. (schooner, 4-masted) Subscribe to view