The Cape Horner (1964-2010). Bournemouth, UK: International Association Master Mariners - Cape Horners - British Section,

The numbering is fairly confusing for this index. The key to the index reads, "The issues are identified by the following system. The first five volumes of the first series are simply noted by volume number, issue number and page, i.e. 2/1 p10, for example. The issues identified by the month and year of issue are described as such, i.e. Autumn 1979, p12, for example. The second series of journals issued from January 1983 are identified by the prefix J, volume number, issue number and page, i.e. J1/2 p4, for example." I have modified the listings, which initially looked like this: "3/4 p8-12, J2/34 p9, J2/53 p18-20, J2/63 p36." to what I believe is more readable. In this case, I've converted it to: "Vol. 3, Issue 4, Pg. 8-12; Series 2, Issue 34, Pg. 9; Series 2, Issue 53, Pg. 18-20; Series 2, Issue 63, Pg. 36." I hope that this is more understandable.

Abbreviations in ship names are as follows, from the original source: STS - Sail Training Ship; SV - Sailing Vessel; SY - Sailing Yacht.

"The Cape Horner" is published by the International Association of Cape Horners (, by and for those who have rounded Cape Horn. As stated on the membership page, "Membership is open to individuals of all nationalities who have rounded Cape Horn under sail as part of a non-stop passage of at least 3,000 nautical miles which passes above the latitude of 50° South in both the Pacific (or Indian) and Atlantic Oceans and is completed without the use of engines for propulsion." Since 1964 they have published a newsletter, and recently created an index to that newsletter. I have included the vessels from that index in my database. The index also includes information about members, and might contain useful biographical information for those seeking more information. Find the index at

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