Sea Chest: The Journal of the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society (1987-1998; Vols. 20-29). Seattle: Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society, 1967.

Numbers in bold indicate the volume number.

The following legend identifies qualifier abbreviations: FISH = Fishing vessel, any rig or propulsion; HMCS = Her Majesty's Canadian Ship; HMS = Her Majesty's Ship; MS = Motor ship, oceangoing; MV = Motor vessel, inland; NOAA = National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration; Sail = Sail powered vessels, all rigs; SDWHL = Side paddle wheel; STWHL = Stern paddle wheel; SS = Steamship, oceangoing; STR = Steamer, inland; Tug = Towboats, steam or diesel; USAT = US Army Transport; USC&GS = US Coast & Geodetic Survey; USCG = US Coast Guard; USCS = US Coast Survey; USLHS = US Light House Service; USPHS = US Public Health Service; USRCS = US Revenue Cutter Service.

This index only covers ships mentioned in volumes 21 (1987) through 32 (1998).

Special thanks go to Hal Will for creating and providing this index, and to Gil Joynt and John Carver for assistance in obtaining the Sea Chest index for use in this database.

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