Book Information

Jones, A.G.E. Ships Employed in the South Seas Trade, 1775-1859 (Part I); Admiralty Protections from Impressment, 1777-1811 (Part II); Aspects of the South Seas Trade (Part III). Aranda, ACT: Roebuck Society, .

This Roebuck Series volume has several parts, and separate indexes for each part: -Part I has a collection of ships extracted from Lloyd's Register, covering 1775 to 1861, and the Society of Merchants Register, from 1801 to 1832. In the index to this section, each entry includes the ship name, its tonnage and its home port or similar. It then indicates the years in which the ship appeared in one or both of the registers. You'll need to get the full volume, look in the index to see in which years the ship is mentioned, then turn to those sections to learn more. -Part II has a brief index to Southern whalers and their protections from impressment, drawn from the UK's Public Record Office records. The page cited will list a few of the individuals on various voyages of the whalers. Some commentary and discussion in this section of the volume is unfortunately not indexed, but contains useful descriptive information. -Part III contains discussion and commentary about the South Seas Trade, and is indexed in a standard manner. Page numbers cite the pages on which ships are mentioned.