Addendum to "Starbuck" and "Whaling Masters": New Bedford Customs District

Book Information

Hegarty, Reginald B., comp. Addendum to "Starbuck" and "Whaling Masters": New Bedford Customs District. New Bedford, Mass.: New Bedford Free Public Library, .

Also, "repeated page numbers indicate more than one voyage in the same year by a vessel or more than one vessel with similar name."

This compilation "involve[s] whaling voyages clearing through the New Bedford Customs District; namely, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, New Bedford, Rochester or Mattapoisett, Sippican or Marion, Wareham, and Westport... [I]n relation to Starbuck's great work [see Starbuck, Nathaniel, History of the American Whale Fishery, From its Earliest Incetion to the Year 1876, also included in this database], [this list] falls into three categories; missing names of captains, dates, and/or voyages. In each instance sufficient additional information in included to identify the voyage."