Alpine Fir:

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Alpine Fir (Canadian, Non-Commercial, built 1926; Vancouver; O.N. 153305) Subscribe to view
Alpine Fir (I) (Patrol vessel; built 1926, in Prince Rupert, BC, Canada; 16 tons; registration numbers: 153305 (Canada)) Subscribe to view
Alpine Fir (II) (Yacht, power-cruiser; built 1947, in Sunnyside Cannery, BC, Canada; 20 tons; naming history: Alpine Fir (II) (1947); Alrita (I) (1963); registration numbers: 177978 (Canada)) Subscribe to view
Alpine Fir -- motor tndr.
Book The H. W. McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest
Author Gordon R. Newell, ed.
Published Superior Publishing Company, Seattle,
Page 373