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Book Last of the Windjammers: Volume One
Author Basil Lubbock
Published Brown, Son & Ferguson, Ltd., Glasgow,
Pages 353, 483
Book Ships of the World: An Historical Encyclopedia
Author Lincoln P. Paine
Published Houghton Mifflin, Boston,
ISBN 0585109486, 9780585109480, 0395715563, 9780395715567
Page 219
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Barcore (Iron Sailing Vessel Ship; Liverpool; built 1884; 2134 gross tons; official number: 87969) Subscribe to view
Barcore (Liverpool, 1884, Sail; ON: 87969) Subscribe to view
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Book American Merchant Ships, 1850-1900: Series Two
Author Frederick C. Matthews
Published Marine Research Society, Salem, Mass.,
Page 167
Web WorldCat
Published OCLC, Dublin, Ohio
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Book The H. W. McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest
Author Gordon R. Newell, ed.
Published Superior Publishing Company, Seattle,
Page 127