Capital City:

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Capital City
Book Stern-wheelers Up Columbia: A Century of Steamboating in the Oregon Country
Author Randall V. Mills
Published California: Pacific Books, Palo Alto, California,
Page 191
Capital City
Book Ships of the Inland Sea: The Story of the Puget Sound Steamboats
Author Gordon R. Newell
Published Binfords & Mort, Portland, Oregon,
Pages 120, 134, 148, 149
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Capital City (Built 1897, Port Blakely, WA, USA; Name given in 1901; Passenger/freight vessel, 522 tons) Subscribe to view
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Web WorldCat
Published OCLC, Dublin, Ohio
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Capital City -- str.
Book The H. W. McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest Illustration
Author Gordon R. Newell, ed.
Published Superior Publishing Company, Seattle,
Pages 57, 85, 88, 88
Capital City, steamship
Journal American Neptune (1941-1990; Vols. 1-50)
Published Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Mass.,
ISSN 0003-0155
Pages (1867), II, 303
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