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Book An Encyclopedia of Naval History
Author Anthony Bruce, and William Cogar
Published Checkmark Books, New York,
ISBN 0816026971, 9780816026975
Page 226
Book The U.S. Navy: An Illustrated History
Author Nathan Miller
Published American Heritage Publishing & United States Naval Institute Press, New York & Annapolis, Md.,
ISBN 0671229842, 9780671229849, 0671229850, 9780671229856
Page 360
Darter (Hull, 1908, Sail; ON: 124825) Subscribe to view
Darter (I) Subscribe to view
Darter (II) Subscribe to view
Darter (Recreational; Palm Beach, FL; built 2015; 14 gross tons) Subscribe to view
Darter (SS 227) Subscribe to view
Darter (SS 576) Subscribe to view
Web WorldCat
Published OCLC, Dublin, Ohio
Web WorldCat
Published OCLC, Dublin, Ohio
Darter (submarine) Subscribe to view
Darter (U.S.): Battle Stations Submerged. R.C. Benitez Subscribe to view
Darter (U.S.A., 1943) Subscribe to view
Darter (United States): Battle of Leyte Gulf Subscribe to view
Darter (United States, Gato-class Submarine) Subscribe to view
Darter (USN submarine) Subscribe to view
Darter (warship) Subscribe to view
Darter, sunk Subscribe to view
Darter, U.S.S.
Book On the Seas and In the Skies: A History of the U.S. Navy's Air Power
Author Theodore Roscoe
Published Hawthorn Books, New York,
Page 428
Darter, U.S.S.
Book To Shining Sea: A History of the United States Navy, 1775-1991
Author Stephen Howarth
Published Random House, New York,
ISBN 0394576624, 9780394576626
Page 458-59
Darter, US submarine Subscribe to view
Darter, USS
Book Ships of the World: An Historical Encyclopedia
Author Lincoln P. Paine
Published Houghton Mifflin, Boston,
ISBN 0585109486, 9780585109480, 0395715563, 9780395715567
Page 42
Darter, USS (SS-227) (Submarine)
Journal Sea Chest: The Journal of the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society (1987-1998; Vols. 20-29)
Published Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society, Seattle,
Page 29: 188
Darter, USS (SS227), Submarine Subscribe to view