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Book The United States Navy: 200 Years
Author Edward L. Beach
Published Henry Holt and Co., New York,
ISBN 0030447119, 9780030447112
Pages 148-49, 150, 230
Book Steam and Sail: In Britain and North America
Author Rear Admiral P. W. Brock, CB, DSO.
Published The Pyne Press, Princeton, NJ,
ISBN 0878610448, 9780878610440
Page 10
Demologos (1814; first steam war vessel; New York; referred to as Fulton the First)
Book Merchant Sail
Author William Armstrong Fairburn
Published Fairburn Marine Educational Foundation, Inc., Center Lovell, Maine,
Pages II: 1458, 1459
Book The U.S. Navy: An Illustrated History Illustration
Author Nathan Miller
Published American Heritage Publishing & United States Naval Institute Press, New York & Annapolis, Md.,
ISBN 0671229842, 9780671229849, 0671229850, 9780671229856
Page 108-110
Book Warships of the World to 1900
Author Lincoln P. Paine
Published Houghton Mifflin, Boston,
ISBN 0395984149, 9780395984147
Page 59
Book Ships of the World: An Historical Encyclopedia
Author Lincoln P. Paine
Published Houghton Mifflin, Boston,
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Page 194
Book Naval Warfare: An International Encyclopedia Main entry
Author Spencer C. Tucker, ed.
Published ABC-CLIO, Santa Barbara, CA,
ISBN 1576072193, 9781576072196, 1576077403, 9781576077405
Pages 302, 388, 412, 646, 969
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Demologos (corrected; listed as "Demologes") Subscribe to view
Demologos (Fulton I), first steam warship: Chapelle study reviewed Subscribe to view
Demologos (Fulton I), first steam warship: historical references Subscribe to view
Demologos (Fulton I, Fulton's Steam Battery) Subscribe to view
Demologos (Fulton the First) Subscribe to view
Demologos (renamed Fulton)
Book Five Centuries of Famous Ships: From the Santa Maria to the Glomar Explorer
Author Robert G. Albion
Published McGraw-Hill, New York,
ISBN 0070009538, 9780070009530
Pages 145, 147-148, 185
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Demologos (U.S. & American Colonies; 1814) Subscribe to view
Demologos (U.S. 1814) Subscribe to view
Demologos (United States): Armour Subscribe to view
Demologos (US steam man-of-war) Subscribe to view
Demologos, American paddle steamer Subscribe to view
Demologos, Or Fulton The First (Robert Fulton's first U. S. steam warship) Subscribe to view
Demologos, steam frigate
Book The American Heritage History of Seafaring America
Author Alexander Laing
Published American Heritage Publishing Company, New York,
ISBN 0070358478, 9780070358478, 0070358486, 9780070358485
Page 298
Demologos, steam frigate
Book The History of the American Sailing Navy: The Ships and Their Development
Author Howard I. Chapelle
Published W.W. Norton & Co., New York,
ISBN 1568522223
Page 308
Demologos, U.S. steam frigate (1814)
Journal American Neptune (1941-1990; Vols. 1-50)
Published Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Mass.,
ISSN 0003-0155
Pages IV, 327-328; VI, 239, 253-274; (1815), XX, 167
Demologos, U.S.S.
Book To Shining Sea: A History of the United States Navy, 1775-1991
Author Stephen Howarth
Published Random House, New York,
ISBN 0394576624, 9780394576626
Pages 120, 136
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Demologos, USS (sidewheel or paddle steamer; 1814-25; called Demologos USS, Fulton USS) Subscribe to view