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Kaga (aircraft/seaplane carrier, Japan) Subscribe to view
Kaga (IJN carrier) Subscribe to view
Kaga (IJN carrier): illustration Subscribe to view
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Kaga (Japanese): Bay of Bengal Subscribe to view
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Web WorldCat
Published OCLC, Dublin, Ohio
Kaga (warship) Subscribe to view
Kaga, and conflict with China Subscribe to view
Kaga, detailed description Subscribe to view
Kaga, I.J.N.
Book On the Seas and In the Skies: A History of the U.S. Navy's Air Power
Author Theodore Roscoe
Published Hawthorn Books, New York,
Pages 245, 251, 331, 332, 343
Kaga, in World War II Subscribe to view
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Kaga, Japanese aircraft carrier: historical references Subscribe to view
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