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N (Canadian; Official Number: 9022176, built 1869, St-Francois-du-Lac, Quebec, Canada) Subscribe to view
N (Recreational; Liberty, MO; built 2017; 7 gross tons) Subscribe to view
N (Schooner; built 1863, in Oahu, Hawaii; 17 tons; naming history: N (1863); W.3; Rob Roy (IV); registration numbers: 111288 (US)) Subscribe to view
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Published OCLC, Dublin, Ohio
Book History of the American Whale Fishery, From its Earliest Inception to the Year 1876
Author Alexander Starbuck
Published Argosy-Antiquarian, New York,
ISBN 1555215378
Page 184
N. (schooner; voyage: RI, 1789-1789) Subscribe to view
N. S.de la ConcepciĆ³n y San Francisco (1672)
Book Shipwrecks in the Americas
Author Robert F. Marx
Published Dover, New York,
ISBN 048625514X, 9780486255149
Page 351