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Sussex Maid:

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Sussex Maid
Book The Merchant Schooners: Volume Two
Author Basil Greenhill
Published National Maritime Museum, London,
ISBN 0870214276, 9780870214271
Pages 30, 44
Sussex Maid
Book Merchant Sailing Ships, 1850-1875: Heyday of Sail
Author David R. MacGregor
Published Conway Maritime, London,
ISBN 0851773168, 9780851773162
Page 80
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Sussex Maid (Newhaven, 1856, Sail; ON: 11064) Subscribe to view
Sussex Maid (Newhaven, 1926, Motor; ON: 144992) Subscribe to view
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Published OCLC, Dublin, Ohio
Sussex Maid (Southampton, 1935, Motor; ON: 163679) Subscribe to view
Sussex Maid (The 'Sussex Maid' in an unidentified harbour; c. 1865, Photograph, PRG 1373/28/15 Subscribe to view