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U 100 (submarine) Subscribe to view
U 100, S.M.S. (1917) Subscribe to view
Book An Encyclopedia of Naval History
Author Anthony Bruce, and William Cogar
Published Checkmark Books, New York,
ISBN 0816026971, 9780816026975
Page 328
Book Naval Warfare: An International Encyclopedia
Author Spencer C. Tucker, ed.
Published ABC-CLIO, Santa Barbara, CA,
ISBN 1576072193, 9781576072196, 1576077403, 9781576077405
Page 897
U-100 (German navy U-boat) Subscribe to view
U-100 (German U-boat, World War II) Subscribe to view
U-100 (Germany, submarine, 1941) Subscribe to view
U-100: Sunk attacking convoy Subscribe to view
U-100: sunk by Walker and Vanoc, commanded by Schepke Subscribe to view