Abby Jones:

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Abby Jones
Book A Maritime History of Bath, Maine, and the Kennebec River Region
Author William Avery Baker
Published Marine Research Society, Bath, Maine,
ISBN 0937410101
Page Aug 1851; Pit 1823
Abby Jones (1851; Augusta, Maine)
Book Merchant Sail
Author William Armstrong Fairburn
Published Fairburn Marine Educational Foundation, Inc., Center Lovell, Maine,
Pages V: 3208, 3327
Abby Jones (1975, Recreational, San Francisco, CA) Subscribe to view
Abby Jones (Brig) Subscribe to view
Abby Jones (brig; Capt. Adams; noted in directory of 1859) Subscribe to view
Abby Jones (brig; Capt. Tucker; noted in directory of 1858) Subscribe to view