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Published OCLC, Dublin, Ohio
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H. K. Hall (of San Francisco, O. Benneche, Master, 1238/1106 tons, from the port of Knappton, Washington to Sydney, New South Wales, 5th March, 1909) Subscribe to view
H. K. Hall (Sail)
Journal Sea Chest: The Journal of the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society (1987-1998; Vols. 20-29)
Published Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society, Seattle,
Page 31: 179
H. K. Hall -- schr.
Book The H. W. McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest
Author Gordon R. Newell, ed.
Published Superior Publishing Company, Seattle,
Pages 80, 135, 450
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H. K. Hall, schooner (1902)
Journal American Neptune (1941-1990; Vols. 1-50)
Published Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Mass.,
ISSN 0003-0155
Pages V, 137
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