Blessing of the Bay:

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Blessing of the Bay
Book A Maritime History of Bath, Maine, and the Kennebec River Region
Author William Avery Baker
Published Marine Research Society, Bath, Maine,
ISBN 0937410101
Pages 13, 69-70
Blessing of the Bay
Book Famous American Ships: Being an Historical Sketch of the United States as told Through its Maritime Life
Author Frank O. Braynard
Published Hastings House, New York,
ISBN 0803823770
Page 11
Blessing of the Bay
Book Five Centuries of Famous Ships: From the Santa Maria to the Glomar Explorer
Author Robert G. Albion
Published McGraw-Hill, New York,
ISBN 0070009538, 9780070009530
Page 34
Blessing of the Bay
Book Queens of the Western Ocean: The Story of America's Mail and Passenger Sailing Lines
Author Carl C. Cutler
Published United States Naval Institute, Annapolis, Md.,
ISBN 0870215310
Pages 5, 50
Blessing of the Bay (1631; north shore of Mistick River; Medford, Mass.)
Book Merchant Sail
Author William Armstrong Fairburn
Published Fairburn Marine Educational Foundation, Inc., Center Lovell, Maine,
Pages I: 110, 157, 180, 209, 563; V: 2873, 2897, 2979, 2999
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Web WorldCat
Published OCLC, Dublin, Ohio
Blessing of the Bay, colonial barque, 1631
Book The Clipper Ship Era: An Epitome of Famous American and British Clipper Ships, Their Owners, Builders, and Crews, 1843-1869
Author Arthur H. Clark
Published G.P. Putnam's Sons; The Knickerbocker Press, New York,
Page 2
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